An Indian Love Story: “God winks at me!!”

An MBA degree, supportive family, vibrant gang of friends, dotting boyfriend and on top of that a job offer in hand.

What else does a 23 year old girl want in life?

Bliss. Total bliss, that was what I felt when I went home for New Year this year.

Yes, this New Year was special. More than “Perfect” because I chose to celebrate it the way I had always wanted it to be -warm, peaceful and so satisfying.

Is it not curious that a happy girl so full of life with every reason to rejoice want a New Year away from blaring speakers of a party?

Who on this overcrowded planet would spend the final moments of the dying year with a heart that resonates through its “Lub-Dub” the countdown, that too with a paper and pencil in hand???

I would and that makes me all the more inimitable.

Late in the night what was I scribbling so animatedly??

I was putting down some thoughts which was ebbing my heart for a long time. It was no rocket science or eureka moment that I jotted down. It was two simple words that would make my year more than special.

“Thank You”

As the fire crackers lit the sky, glasses clinked and mobile phones beeped all over the world, I was nestled in my bed in a foetal position thinking of the peacock that I saw on the Christmas morning as I left for my interview.


I watched wistfully at the elderly lady ahead of me in the queue to the offerings counter of the temple. With the long list of offerings on the board next to the counter, It took me a while to settle on a “Bhagya Suktham” for me. It would bring me luck, so be it I thought. But the lady didn’t seem to have any confusion at all.

“Swayamvara Pushpanjali” she said with such a pompous air that the man at the counter had a jolt.  She is in search for a soul mate for her child.

Out of blue, the advertisement for the incense sticks that is aired every five minute in TV flashed before my eyes.

“Everyone has a reason for praying”.

Here I am visiting the God in his shrine. My long lists of wants and needs have only one request unfulfilled. I tell him- “You know what I desire, make my wish true”.

I hand over the offerings with the coupon of “Bhagya Suktham” and all devotees follow suit. I can’t help wondering as I listen to the priest translating our prayers in Sanskrit to God behind the closed doors.

The bells clink, the doors are opened, camphor is shown and people are pushing and craning their necks to get a glimpse of the deity. The priest places in my hand “Sacred Prasad” after the offering. I smear sandal paste on my forehead and take one last look at the adorned Idol before I turn around.

Just as I give out a sigh of relief that I finally got out of the crowding devotees, the mayhem breaks out.

Even from the distance I could make out that there is an argument between the lady and the priest looking at the agitated shaking of heads and gestures. The perplexed priest is scanning the crowd and he spots me. I feel eerie as he calls out to me and the whole mass looks at me.

As I inch my way to the spot, I come to know what has caused the commotion. In the push and pull, the priest had accidentally handed over me the Prasad of “Swayamvara Pushpanjali” that belonged to the lady’s son. She greedily snatches it away and I steal a glimpse of her forty year old son who still has not got a bride. He looks crest fallen and disappointed as if the offering to God was his ticket to married life.

A content smile plays at my lips as I raise my eyes to the sky.

Did God wink at me??

I wink back at him.


I gleefully walk back home, now that I know that my prayers have reached him alright.