Wish vs. Got: Why we should move on!!

Most of the people have one common story to tell other than the goodness of their mom’s cooking. Yes, the tale of wishing for something, not getting it and having to satisfy with something else. The story of losing, longing and living a “second best life”, while what we always wished for keeps tugging at our heart.

It could be the wish to study something, make it big in your chosen career or winning a heart. We keep dreaming about it, visualise it coming true and float in the happiness that you get from the mere thought that the wish materialise. And one day, the bubble breaks. The card castle that we built have come crashing down and we are stranded, unable to bear the crushing weight on our heart.

Added to the agony of a failed wish comes the herculean task of adjusting to the new life, and moving on is never as easy as it seems to be. If we have put all our heart, mind, efforts and hope into something and we do not get it, we are too shaken to see the reasoning behind why we should move on. It’s like our life has been paused. We see people moving around, smiling, having fun and feel isolated, rather disconnected from all the “life” that surrounds us.

However, after a point, our desolate mind tends to believe it’s our destiny and blame it on our luck. Though we are writers of our own destiny, what we tend to ignore is that, it is okay to make mistakes in life.  More than what education can give in our lives, experience gives us and the learning we get is enormous.

Once a teacher in my high school class, scribbled in my slam book-“It is okay to fall down, but the real courage is in getting up, brushing your knees and keep running”. I do not remember anything that she taught, but these words remain etched in my heart.

I strongly believe that moving on is not about giving up your dream; it’s about deriving energy from your setbacks. There is nothing in life called a failure, as everything is worth a try.

Never regret anything that you did, but regret all the things that you did not do and resulted in your being in the position. Make the best out of what you have got and scale up to achieve all that you ever wished for.

Everything is for the good and good things come to those who try.