A Place to Go

People leave, and sometimes it is forever

And, there is no going back ever

I lost someone dear

But, I also lost a place to go

To do the things that I used to

And be that person when I am with them

That is gone forever too


And, I realize all we have is memories

To fall back on, in times such as this

Then, I cannot help but wonder

About those memories that were never made

Because, we did not tell things to each other

Those words could have been my place to go

If only it was spoken in time.


5 Replies to “A Place to Go”

  1. We are conditioned to not express our feelings in public from childhood. Hence sometimes we are left with a feeling of regret …….that if only we were much more demonstrative at that time and place to our dear ones. Like you said that time is gone forever , never to return to.


      1. Yes, young people like you can do it as you have grownu in a different environment.start today itself no looking back. Very insightful writing Shruthi .,touched my heart.


  2. All of us are in contact but not connected to. Let everyone be connected physically, emotionally, verbally. let conversation go on.


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