Words stuck in throat

There are so many things to say, but cannot be sure it is what you want to hear.

And, because too many people are saying things you like to hear, it does not mean it is always true.

Say the right things? Is right- what is truly right for the other or just politically correct or diplomacy!

If we burn bridges or dislodge a brick or two, every time we speak something, then is it not better to walk away?

To brood, to stare beyond, when words surface from heart and even from belly; but get stuck in throat!

To swallow hard with saltiness of tears, while eyes remain dry, as not many lend ears.




Too much white noise everywhere; but not sure anyone is being heard, and sometimes not sure if we are talking what we want to or what would sound right? And, are we listening or just hearing and sometimes not even latter??

You know what, forget it!!


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