Letter to the guy from past!

I have always loved this place for so many reasons, but it also brought us together. The last few times I was here, somethings felt different. It is bitter-sweet to say the very least.

This silly heart pulls a trick on my overworked brain into believing that memories we made here are delusions. Like, it almost never happened; that I made it all up. But, it was all very real. We had walked on these very roads-carefree, happy and most importantly hopeful. There is not a curve, turn or a tree here that has not shared a moment with us.


The light headed feeling of a hopeless romantic, how I miss that! It is not too often now, but I see it in you once in a while. When you throw your head back and laugh when I do something stupid, and your eyes become tiny slits, when you pull my leg. I see it once in a while, like the specks of grey hair that has started to appear on your head.

And, this place just makes it all come alive, all at once. I walk around the corner, look at the old books, and gifts, and I see you from the past. I feel like the girl from ten years ago.

And, when you come over this time, I don’t want to make memories. But, live it all one more time.


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