PoemX: Hurt

I can hurt you
To make you feel the pain I feel
And, be with my friends and pretend not to see your presence
Or be bothered by your absence, whether you are there or not

I can go all week without asking how do you do
And not notice that you are trying to spend some time with me
Or better, I can say how can I spend all the time with you; I need some space

I can say I have given up as it gives more comfort than to confront
And, when you try to mend things, and get us to talk, I could ask what’s the point
Or walk away, shrug my shoulders, not look you in eyes

I can hold you with limp hands or smile at you with sad eyes
And fall asleep, just as you try to tell me your feelings
Or nod by habit without actually listening

I can do a hundred things so that you can feel what I feel

But I wonder who will hurt more
You or me?


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