Love like wine gets better with time, really?

To be honest I do not know. But I wonder about this a lot these days. May be because of valentine’s day and all other associated days (friends, rose, propose, chocolate, teddy or whatever).

So, this is what probably led me to ask myself this question a lot lately. I have been watching (don’t read as stalking ;)) couples over Facebook and this is what I noticed. People who have been in relationship for short time write stuff like “you are the best thing ever to happen to me; thanks for being the magic in my life; and blah”. A verbal PDA. And, then I notice these veteran couples post stuff like  “thanks for putting up with me over last ten years; or we have seen ups and downs, but I had never be with anyone other than you; and the like”.

That makes me wonder where did the sweet nothings go after all these years?
And, before you feel that I am pointing fingers, let me tell you that I have been there, done that (over and over), and which makes me wonder a little bit more.

As February started and the valentine’s day hashtags, offers and emails started pouring in, it hit me that I should probably do something for him. And, I had a mental scroll down of things I have already done or got for him. It struck me that my gifts earlier on were those proclaiming my love to him, while over the years I have mellowed down. This time as a gift or more aptly a thought, I felt I should probably get him in touch with a friend whom he mentioned over a casual talk that he had lost contact over years and that he missed a bit.

So, why did this weird idea occur to me? If you were to ask me this, I would probably have to admit that may be it’s because it dawned on me (unlike my prior notion earlier in our relationship) that I am not the only wonderful thing that ever happened to him. And may be that better than a card or gift or even a Facebook status trumpeting my love for him, he would prefer meeting an old friend or have boys night or something of that sort.

Perhaps that’s why a lot of couples start thanking each other for making it through over the years. They are recognising that probably their partner needs and deserves a lot more than smothering with too much attention. That perhaps there are things that you cannot give him or her, that he or she needs. That perhaps how much ever they try, it will never be enough.

And after the above monologue I still have not answered the question. Does love like wine get better with age?


I don’t know still. But, the other day my friend and a fellow blogger wrote this story of what’s probably her first love, aptly titled “I can still feel the butterflies”. I read about how she fell in love, told it to him and he just smiled back. Just a smile. It started and ended with just a smile. And, I found myself telling her that there is no beginning or ending for love stories, it just happens and grows on you.

Perhaps as an after thought I should add that love evolves and so does those in love. And, irrespective of whether it gets better with age or not, it intoxicates you and leaves a taste on your lips that you are going to savour for a long time.

May be love gets better with age, a lot more better than wine does.


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