The crossover

Ever since I read “Eat Pray Love”, this part in book where Liz says her word is ” attraversiamo”, which means “let’s cross over” has always intrigued me. I wondered what my word was, and I keep revisiting that thought time and now.

Reading up on new words is a pass time of mine and the other day, my mind drifted back to “let’s cross over”. It makes a lot of sense that she chose that word, because it is a transition between phases for her. But, I felt the word befits everyone, however, in a different way. This is why I felt so.

#What if you feel so much “happy”, that it overpowers you and you cannot contain it, it takes you to a state of “ecstasy”.

#There is so much “optimism” that it is mistaken for “overconfidence”.

#”Promises” made later turns to nothing but another spoken “word”.

#A “desire” to hold someone close, soon develops into an “obsession”.

# That time you are told you take his “breathe” away, only to complain later that it “suffocates” him.

# You’re called “possessive”, while all the time it was just “caring”.

# And, what started as a “fear” turns into an “insecurity”.

# Finally, wanting to be the “only one” to the “lonely one”.

I feel life is nothing but a “cross over of words and worlds”.
It is not where it started or ended that matters, it has always been the “in-between” where we actually lived, survived and perhaps died a little bit every day.


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