The Gap

They sat there for longest time together. He will make the first move, she thought. I don’t want to be pushy, he decided. Words got stuck in throat, heart let out a sigh! Cupid struck two names off the book of love.


WhatsApp showed she is online. She had received his text, he waited for her reply. Patience: 0, desperation: 1. He pinged a feeble “hi”. And kept staring at the last seen for hours together.


He talked a lot. She smiled a lot. It was nice to hear the ring of his laugh and gaze at the twinkling of his eyes when he spoke animatedly. Alas, it would have been perfect if he was speaking about them. Friends, family, career, this and that;  not a word about her.


Weekdays passed on like a drudgery. But, she welcomed every weekend with a new vigor. Video chat bridged the miles between the child and the mother. Her daughter’s schedule had become her schedule for Saturdays. She kept waiting for green light to pop and the familiar beep when daughter came online. If only daughter could tell her that her partner’s schedule had to be her’s now.


She talked and talked in hope that some day he will talk back. He stared vacantly at her. Little tears rolled down the sides of his cheeks. She hugged his fragile frame, glad that he was listening. If only he had listened to her all those times she asked him to drive carefully.


Everybody talked. Everyone had an opinion. The uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters and even the guy who sold them milk had a say. Her opinion was covered up in a red wedding saree, she poured her dreams into the holy fire.


Every word has its consequences, every silence too : Jean Paul Sartre.


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