Little Mom

Little Mom is my compilation of few snippets from my mother’s childhood. These are bed time or food time stories that she shared to me and now, when I look back I feel that was how I got to know her better. These are stories which when I listened to as a child made me wonder if she was a little child too.

Little Mom’s day out in car

It was not just one of those days for Little Mom. Today was special. How can she not be thrilled, after all, it was her first car ride ever. She was all charged up!! Alas, how can she show it out!! She was supposedly the meek calm one who opens her mouth only when she’s asked to (Some even teased her about being an oyster.  Of course, she clammed up, the pearl within was not for all to see).


They were visiting her paternal house, and she climbed onto the back of the car, clinging to her mom. It was a delight for her eyes- the long winding roads, trees falling behind, and out of the blue she saw it- the ceramic tile factory, standing tall with long brown-tiled exhaust pipes jutting into sky. She followed it with her eyes, trying to size it up- it was definitely the tallest structure she had ever come across, definitely taller than her house and was it bigger than her school? As they were about to go past it, terror gripped her-what if it just falls on her head?  She ducked her head and waited for the moment to pass- nothing happened. Slowly, she lifted her head up and peeked at the tall chimney through the rear glass. Her eyes became wide with delight- there it was becoming smaller and smaller, as the car trotted its way up the road.

Little Mom’s Cameo Appearance

It was annual day at Lion’s school and Little Mom was all set to go to the function with Big Bro as chaperone. It had not been easy to get permission to go to annual day and after lot of promises to Mother that he will never leave her out of sight, Big Bro and Little Mom set out on a bicycle all excited. At school Big Bro left Little Mom with her friends and went on a round to meet his gang. After all, it was her school compound and Little Mom had sworn not to move from her seat.

It was hardly two minutes since Big Bro left and her class teacher spotted her and beckoned her to join backstage. Little Mom thought for a moment- Big Bro had asked her to remain seated at the same place, but her class teacher was waving at her. Big Bro or class teacher? She took a chance!!

When Big Bro returned, Little Mom was nowhere to be seen. He looked around lazily thinking she should be huddling with her friends somewhere. No sign of her! And then panic hit him and he searched frantically, asking random people if they had seen Little Mom. People had no time for him and nodded absent mindedly, eyes glued to the stage! Mother’s angry face was flashing before his eyes and sweat broke on his forehead. With all hopes gone, he took a sweeping glance across the ground and his eyes locked on someone for a moment. Was it really her or is at delusion due to fear? He took a double take, when it finally sunk in!

From the stage, Lord Subramanian was smiling at him!! Little Mom had pulled a cameo act in the drama as a last minute replacement!! Relieved he had found her; Big Bro went back stage and rushed her to go home, as it was well past the curfew time.

He took Lord Subramanian back home who for a change could not shut her mouth all the way back home on her acting experience!!

Little Mom’s Kind Heart!

Raja Mani was part of Little Mom’s childhood as long as she could remember. She was an all in all staff at her household: cook, housekeeping and caretaker of children.

It was raining cats and dogs that day!! Little Mom had forayed into kitchen to find Raja Mani’s children to play seven stones; they were her play mates. Raja Mani was hanging on to the iron grill of veranda looking at rain clouds forming dark shadows that balmy afternoon.

Little Mom looked enquiringly at Raja Mani’s anxious face and Raja Mani started a litany of her worries- it’s going to rain, then water will leak into her house and they will get drenched. It went on and on. Raja Mani asked Little Mom if she could help her with cleaning the kitchen, so that she can finish up early and leave for her home.

“”Poor Raja Mani””, felt Little Mom and she nodded. It was years later and several excuses later that Little Mom realized that she was being played.

Still when rain clouds form in the sky, she thinks of leaking roof of Raja Mani.

And there are many more stories..

One when she listened to their cook Govindan Nair and tried to befriend a puppy with a piece of jaggery;  then about the kukkoo which comes to their neighborhood trees and sings around the time exams are about to begin. And there is another one about the cow herd Appu Kuttan who though illiterate would copy notes for her and sister by carefully drawing alphabets like a piece of art.

After Note:

I can go on and on…such are the stories from her childhood!! Now for those who have listened to me and said: Shruthi and her stories!!!

Tell me!  How can I not?? I was lucky, I grew up on stories. 😀

I feel a happy child becomes a happy adult- a happy parent, a happy friend and a happy person.

Happy Mother’s Day Little Mom 🙂 🙂


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