Either way I win!!

Comparisons!! You cannot escape it; once in a while you just have to face it, how much ever you run away from it.

Someone is always doing better than you and vice versa.

I wanted an answer that will work for all comparison questions-a universal answer that works in any situation-love, success, career, children, and exam results, whatever it may be.

So, in my head I created this conversation.

Annoyer: Hey, I see xxx is doing well/did well in yyy, what about you??

Annoyed: You know this story, I bet you do!

Annoyer: Hmm (confused/disinterested/sniffing for more info)…what story??…ye, tell

Annoyed: Once upon a time, a hare and tortoise went on a race.

Annoyer: Ye Ye, I know this one

Annoyed: No… Not yet, you don’t know this version!

Annoyer:  Uh-oh, go on (clearly things are not going my way, rolls eyes)

Annoyed: Life is one big race- I mean sum of several races. I am a tortoise in some races and hare in some other races.

Annoyer: Er…What you mean?

Annoyed: I mean either way I am a winner!!

Annoyer: But. What does that…? (Gets interrupted before can complete the string of thought)

Annoyed: I know it’s a bit too much for you to understand. In this case, you are a hare!

Annoyer: (still thinking)

Not Annoyed Anymore: (makes slow exit aka walk away in glory aka gloating)



This happened in my head-meaning its fiction, so don’t read too much into it.

Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and not intentional 😉


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