Let us be adults about this!

Have you seen these kids who get picked up by everyone saying “Aww!! Such a cute baby!!!”. Well, I and Chandru (guest blogger/co-author) were two of them. And, what’s more interesting, people still think we are two of them. Well, let’s be honest, we are not very sure about the cute part though!

One day we both spurned injured souls-branded childish- gets together and takes out the anguish. This is how it all began.

Am so fed up, the whole world calls me childish and immature.

Well, you are not alone. I know a lot more synonyms for those two words.

<Voice of reason: Oh! What are these two up to now? Is this beginning of another blame game? Well, let’s hear them out anyway, looks like some serious discussion ahead!>Paulo Coehlo Quote

 Why can a person not be fun and serious at the same time?

 Exactly!! Fun doesn’t translate to immature. And serious doesn’t translate to sincere or even adult either.

 Very true, people just think am this funny person who they call for chilling or company sake. Have you asked anyone what’s up, any problems and they say: Oh, you won’t understand!

 All the time! Jokes? I’m in. Pranks? I’m in. But a serious issue? I don’t even exist in their world.

 Well, what is worse, they think we cannot have problems, we cannot snap, we cannot debate on politics or anything serious.

 To add to that, we are not ‘advice giving’ material too. And we are also not worth getting advice from!

<Voice of reason: Hey wait! But people judge you only by how you project yourselves!!>

Well. Let’s be honest here. We do act kiddish, but that’s because we think it’s fun. We also don’t want to bug others with our personal issues and have a serious vibe all the time. If we wore emotions on our sleeve, would things have been better?

 Yeah. Good point. But, how can they judge a person by seeing only the tip of the iceberg. Have they tried to see the other side of us before calling us immature?

 Well. In my case, whenever I show my true self, people thing am overreacting or over emotional. It is as if I always come with a smile plastered on my face. Sometimes, I feel am just entertainment for them.

 Very true! “Take me seriously for a while” is received as a joke. “How can I take you seriously? I know about you!” is the ready-made response.

 Whatever said and done, there are a few people who can see through our facade too. You know those people with whom we are ourselves.

 Sure we do. The best part is we don’t wear any mask and we are not trying to be someone who we are not. But constant judging pushes me sometimes to think “Should I hide myself and try to project a different self?” But no, I won’t because that is not who I am!

 I agree. I am like this by choice. I want to be thought of us as fun, friendly. Not someone, who only shares their problems, In fact, I have to accept that there is a part of me who does not like to tell my problem to others. But, I so wish that someone can see when I am going through one, ask and help me out.

 <Voice of reason: Well looks like these people do talk a lot, but at times they do make some sense, don’t they?>

Being playful and being matured are two different things. But who says a person cannot be both at the same time? Well, it takes some maturity to find the difference between the two. You ask us to grow up; sometimes you say “you will never grow up”. But, who here really needs to grow up and broaden their thought process?

By labeling and stereotyping us, who is being childish anyway?

(This article was co-authored by Shruthi Parakkal and Chandrashekar B)


8 Replies to “Let us be adults about this!”

  1. Being stereotyped as Childish is the best thing to be in my opinion. At some point in life, all people wish for, is to be a child again. You guys are aleady there! 😉
    But, yeah, sometimes we wish people take us seriously. We wish they could underdstand our emotions and not just ignore them. Then, we need to find out if we have ever showed them who we really are? If not, was it because we didnt trust them that deep, or were we a bit too shy, or didn’t they have time for you? When people talk, we do so reading the other person’s emotions/feelings. Some read well, some not so well, but then its the effort that one puts to read and understand the other person’s state of mind that matters.
    So as life goes on, lets be childish about our mind and serious about our brain. People worth it, comes along, be it good or bad.
    As quoted by Bernard M Baruch : “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”


  2. What you’ve written up there describes me exactly the way I would. People sometimes think that the words ‘laugh’ and ‘cry’ are antonyms which is not always true. I’m a person who makes efforts to brighten up everyone’s day using wit and humour as my major weapons. What others do not know is by seeing them laugh and giggle, it not only gives me a sense of achievement of planting a smile amidst a face full of gloom but also plants a wall between me reaching my serious self and turn into this totally serious guy who moments ago was making everyone howl with laughter, while now looking like a guy who doesn’t know what a smile is.

    Laughter and jokes are my greatest weapon no only to defend my friends and relatives but also to defend myself from the serious guy within who can only manifest when I’m completely alone. I have made so many people’s day better and now they’ve all left feeling happier

    But here I am now. Sitting alone everywhere I go with not a single person to offer a shoulder for a silent lonely soul that knows nothing but to stay silent when it isn’t being funny. If this is the life I am to live for making everyone around me happy, I will embrace it with full satisfaction. After all, what is life without keeping the others happy? 🙂


    1. Hi Seshu
      Thanks for your amazing note!! We are glad you could relate to our thoughts.
      We believe that you should continue doing what you are doing. You sure bring smiles to people, you made us smile anyway.


  3. Well, Shruthi and Chandru. A very well written post I must say. Quite candid and honest. Coming to the crux of the message, the reason y the two of u form the core of the Kookies gang is because of the way you two are. nicknamed Cartoon and Kid is not easy and living up to these names is not easy as well. I would like to just say one thing. Being oneself is in itself THE greatest achievement, when the world is constantly trying to change us in some way or the other. If people don’t take you seriously all the time, I would say its their loss. A few days back Chandru accused me of me of not taking him seriously. I am still thinking of the instances of when that happened and I would have been at loss then.
    The humorous side is the best way to be and brining a smile on a stranger’s face is the biggest accomplishment for me on any given day. And doing that being called “immature”, I don’t mind 🙂

    As the famous adage goes,
    “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”


  4. Actually, what you have written there is the story of my life! I face these things everyday… Being kiddish or childish doesn’t mean I’m immature. Also I have times when I feel like screaming and crying and I want people to understand me but, when they see me cry they are like “Hey! I have never seen you cry…Sup?” No, I don’t want to share and spread the sadness… Then they are like “dude! You are over reacting.”

    I have shared this blog with almost everyone who thinks I’m immature. Thanks to jot down all these things that are always in my mind.

    Very nicely written 🙂


    1. Thanks Srushti. Your feedback means a lot to me. I am glad you shared this with your peers. Sometimes we need to stand up for what we’re. As the popular saying goes, those who matter does not mind. Those who mind doesn’t matter.


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