Luck Works

In Mahabharata, there is a point where Kunti says that she would like her sons to be luckier, rather than them being stronger or smarter or braver. Ever since I came across that quote, I have always wondered why luck would play a key role in somebody’s life especially if they are otherwise endowed.

Today,with the last day of my first job around the corner, it just becomes clear to me why being lucky is very important.

I was neither smart nor strong, when I joined my first job. But, I was definitely lucky- Lucky to have had such great friends, mentors, colleagues, support systems and opportunities.

And as I move on, I feel I am a little smarter, stronger and braver than I was before. But, probably a little less lucky, as I have to leave behind all those special things that made me what I am today.


Sometime back, on a day we worked late, few friends and me had a conversation on what we really wanted from the job. Based on what we look for in a job, we felt that people either want to be popular or successful. Popular are those who will be remembered for their collaborative work attitude, while successful people are remembered for their results. Looking at all the love and care I am receiving from my colleagues, I feel I chose to be popular and to an extent was successful at it.

As I go ahead to pursue my dreams, I feel that the best memories at this job was not in front of the computer or generating reports. Times that I will recall on a warm sunny afternoon would be those times of togetherness and team work to set projects right, the tea time brain storming sessions, the uncalled for supporting hand during tough times and several such moments.

Again, I feel little smarter, stronger and braver to go on to the world and face life big time. But, I feel little less lucky that all those good times I have had will be a thing of past soon.

Only one solace! I have good memories to hang on to come what may!!



3 Replies to “Luck Works”

  1. Such a beautiful thought! Also, a very sweet way of showing appreciation and thanking your friends through your farewell note.
    As a mom, i too pray that my daughter always has good luck on her side. The way i saw it, I felt that if she is lucky enough, she ll automatically be “gifted” – Smart, strong, brave, like you put it. But you have described being lucky so differently (and wonderfully, needless to say :))
    Being lucky is all about having good people around you, who share your joys and sorrows, and who help you grow and be your best. How true!
    I guess every mother should pray that their children get true friends at every stage of their lives 🙂


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