Short Story : “Nothing lasts forever”

If I was sure about one thing in life, it was to teach history at the high school. Certainly, I should have expected better. With teaching came the herculean task of grading the papers. My heart was sinking as I eyed the pile of ungraded answer papers and assignments on my desk.

Pushing the spectacles up my nose, I picked up an answer sheet to value it. In sync with my eyes taking in what the student had scribed, my hands were making rapid red marks on the paper. A swish here, a cross there and some red blotches.

BC and AD.

Before Christ and After Death.

The words repeated throughout the answer caught my attention. Nursing the cup of coffee in my hand, I took a deep breath.

Two simple terms that could break years of history into two parts.

My imagination took flight as I sat rocking in the Mahogany chair.


My Mind wandered to the two phases of my life.

Before Shyam and After Shyam.

The moment we set eyes on each other, we had felt that we were “Made for each other”.

As the romance blossomed we were “Mad for each other”.

Finally when the card castle of relationship tumbled down, we were “Mad at each other”.

“Nothing lasts forever”, that was the words which came out of Shyam’s lips, the day we parted ways.


I woke up from my reverie.

Keeping aside the answer sheets, I walked up to the mantel where the album we made together for our first anniversary lie. There was a tug at my heart as I ran my fingers over the pictures. The camera had not just captured the pictures, but also our love and care.

Two happy people genuinely in love stood beaming at each other.

Adoration and love reflected in our eyes.

What had happened to us?

Love had started to grow on us. As schedules clashed and interest waned, we saw less of each other. Long silences crept into the relationship and one day we just gave up.

We just decided to let go of each other. That was the easiest thing to do, escape and let go.

It still hurt and every bit of my heart yearned for the gone days.

I mused whether Shyam would be feeling the same. That very moment revealed to me, how much we needed each other.

By reflex, I took my phone and dialed his number, after a long gap of three years. On the fourth ring, he picked up.

“Hello”, I said with heart beating in my throat.

“Nimisha’, he replied.

As words flowed between us, the wall we built between us crumpled down.

“Nothing lasts forever”, I told him. With so much love for each other, we could not have stayed away for long anyway.

“Yes, we are truly made for each other”, he quipped.

In mind’s eye, I could see him smile. The warm smile which made his eyes twinkle, every time he sees me.

My heart skipped a beat under the glow of his love.



14 Replies to “Short Story : “Nothing lasts forever””

  1. Interesting thought… But, does the bond really stay that strong even after a gap of 3 years ? A thought to ponder upon… Might be situational and would differ from person to person nevertheless.


    1. Hi Virat,
      I guess some bonds stands the tests of time..Sometimes you meet a school friend after years and still feel that bond you shared..
      Sometimes it takes years to forgive our dear ones, but once you do it, the relationship is back to what it is..


  2. good one… very good choice of words throughout the story… especially liked ‘made for each other’, ‘mad for each other’ and ‘mad at each other’…. 🙂


  3. I have seen several “happy” couples who after a few years of marriage grow further and further apart to the extent that that they can’t quite fathom why they got married in the first place. They nurse so much hatred for each other that they forget the good times that they shared. So you’re right when you say that “nothing lasts forever”.


    1. Vivek,
      All coins have two sides..but I like to look at the brighter side of life..
      So when I say “Nothing lasts forever”, I meant that even bad times don’t last forever..Good things in life are way too powerful that it can over power the bad ones in course of time..
      And the key to everything is understanding that “Nothing lasts forever” and enjoy every moment to the best..invest everything into a relationship..No good deed, goes unpaid..And as Lord Tennyson said
      I hold it true, whate’er befall;
      I feel it, when I sorrow most;
      ‘Tis better to have loved and lost
      Than never to have loved at all.


  4. Good one dear…Thanks for ending up with happy climax…….. your words have the power to demonstrate the real feel….Kudos!!! Happy writing ahead…….


  5. nice story…but it would have been better if the story had that phone conversation showing those initial difficulties in starting a good chat…then they getting over that and those stuffs..i feel, that would have given more life to the story..just a humble suggestion..because i feel you have the vocabulary and the imagination to do that…looking forward to see more of your posts 🙂


  6. Author Shruti parrakal you have become a very beautiful writer.
    I though i could sail through easily now i have stiff competition …


  7. This is such a beautiful story. It has helped me a lot with my English assignment. My focus was to try and hint what I was trying to say in the story and you’ve really helped me better myself. Keep writing, you’re really good! 🙂


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