Who is man’s best friend?

Who is man’s best friend?

Did I hear you say a dog? At least that is what half of the one billion population think of, thanks to the cliché dialogue etched in our hearts.Now who is really man’s best friend? I have been thinking a lot about this lately. Have you thought about it?

Its time you stop counting your friends. I am not talking about “Ramu, Shamu, Damu and all”. I am talking about the things with which we are spending more time with. Do we not spent more time with TV, iPod, laptop and internet in the forms of orkut, twitter, Facebook, sms, emails, pings than a friendly open chat with your best friend?

And in spite of all these connectivity and networking we are not able to sustain some relations.

You were a great gang, inseparable teams, best buddies!!  You vowed to each other to be together no matter what happens! The last day of your school and college did you say “keep in touch”, because I have done that and all that is left of it for me is an inbox clogging with forwards, custom-made scraps and same dry messages on New Year, Christmas and Friendship day. At times all of my friends sent me the same message that I can’t but help smiling at the creator of the message and smile.

My happiness seeking mind finds relief now in the forwarded messages by thinking that whether it was forwarded or not, someone thought of wishing me and I feel special. I will think I have to do something special for them and find out excuse after excuse to postpone it.

Am I that busy? I would be lying if I say “Yes, I am busy”. The excuses that I find are not because I do not want to do something for friends. But because I want to avoid confronting the reality of spending some time alone trying to sort out emotions and feelings. Lately I spent some time picking cards, wrapping gifts and choosing books for friends. The happiness that flooded me is beyond words. I closed my eyes trying to visualize how happy the receiver would be and it made my day. No expectations and no returns.

The best day in life is when you see your loved ones happy. Aah!! Don’t blush girls and don’t puff up your muscles boys. I am not talking about love of your life. I am talking about all those who you love and who loves you. The pleasure of choosing a gift for a friend, taking all the time and poring your head about “will she like it or not?”, seeing your close friend falling in love, thinking about your best buddy taking cooking lessons for her married life, wondering about my best friends discovering life in their work places and to feel that special moment of connection which are beyond words, distance and the burgeoning technology.

Coming a full circle, my question echoes “Who is man’s best friend?”

I would say that “Google” is man’s best friend.You have any query you Google it: your needs, doubt and even to find out your love percentage. Strange is it not? Some things which you could simply ask, discuss and enjoy figuring out , you type it in Google like,

“How to make friends?”

“How to fall in love?”

“How to impress girlfriend?”,

when all you need to do is look into yourself, search within and it is there nestled within you. You know it. You know exactly how to go about things if you just open your heart and embrace life for all that it is worth of.

Let the sweetness of love fill your heart and the fragrance of life titillate your senses, because that is what I did and it makes a huge difference to our life worth a thousand smiles.


17 Replies to “Who is man’s best friend?”

  1. life – a vicious circle…..when u feel like doing, u do….when not, you dont…..n ya…@ one point in time we wud have been emotionally dependent on our best buddies…..but as time flies by, maybe de frequency of getting reminded might decrease exponentially, but de never fading affection will last forever…..juz a thot from my side…..but Shruti, trust me, that was a good try on gaming with emotions….


  2. Good one. I would suggest rather than google, anything with a processor, few GBs of RAM, a small to medium screen and considerable amount of storage space is man’s best friend. He introduces us to other pets like – Facebook and Google.


  3. Thanks all..your reviews are really helpful..Geetha and Srinath, thats a good thought..Virat, though it sounds funny, there’s an element of truth in it…I think more than man being a social being, he is an emotional being..


  4. Accidentally I landed on this blog and went thru’ this post… Like the thoughts expressed… Atleast for the tech savvy generation , yes GOOGLE could be their friend in need but for those who are yet to see the power of internet ? There is a whole lot of people in this world who are yet to know what internet is! And yes, the friend keeps changing as new inventions and trends get into the lives of people… I hope there is more of human touch to our lives than other things


  5. not bad for a first article! 🙂 Yes, technology has changed us, made us addicts, consumed hours and days of our lives – but technology is nothing without the human element. We use facebook mainly to connect with our friends. How many people dyu know who use it just to play Mafia or Farmville or Bubble Island or Poker or somethin? A small percentage that will be. If anything, it brings us closer to our loved ones. Maybe it takes away the personal touch and a fair bit of privacy, but it’s still primarily a social networking platform. Same goes with Orkut and Twitter. Twitter’s not some random robot putting up statuses – it gives us a peek into what’s happening with the celebs n all (however artificial and fake some of them are) – and again, that’s the human touch. Same with television, messengers, Skype n stuff..

    And it’s NOT a bad thing at all, getting lost in music from your iPod. 🙂 🙂

    And Google and Wiki just makes our homework easier and we’d all go back to stone age if should they crash someday! 😀 It’s literally not POSSIBLE to do research if not for them.. think of all the travelling we would have to do if we had to meet and talk to authors of literature in person and get their insights..

    It’s only this computer gaming thing that is without any human element and is probably not good for us.

    And honestly, what sortof ppl google up stuff like ‘how to get a gf’ n stuff? 😀
    That is stretching it quite a bit.. 😀

    To sum it up, i feel that your best friend is your best friend and we do try our level best to keep in touch with them.. Only sad thing that is happening is that we’ve cut down on the family time big time! 😦 Mom, dad, bro/sis – they all come after we’ve done with the facebook ‘family’ or if there’s a internet problem! For that, I sometimes wish I could change – that i could get away from technology and sit and talk and eat and play with my parents and sis.. And i fail. 😐


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